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Communicative Urban Space

The exhibition ‘‘Communicative Urban Space. Graphic design and typography in Tallinn urban space‘‘ is focused on various layers of graphic design in everyday urban space in Tallinn, concentrating on the messages of the selected design examples and their con-text. 25 examples have been collected, with comments of experts and additional histori-cal and contemporary photos, which have been disclosed to the interested parties, drawing attention to the details. This time, the urban space provides non-traditional exhibition en-vironment.
This is an attempt to highlight and put to speak the layer of urban space, which is almost invisible with its natural character, however still expressive and in most cases precisely functioning and conveying messages. In urban space (or actually in any designed envi-ronment), various details speak the language of time as well as traditions and opinions, which have prevailed, and the aim is to bring them closer to the users of the city.

The Exhibition Project is a collaboration between Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design and Estonian Design Centre.
Thank you: Kai Lobjakas, Ivar Sakk, Mart Anderson, Karin Paulus, Kaire Rannik, Laura Reiter, Kalle Klein and Anton Koovit.
Photos by: Juta Kübarsepp, Jaanus Hallmets, Anton Koovit
The Exhibition is being supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia.