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Cafe Tuljak

  • Communicative Urban Space
  • Pirita tee 26e

Cafe Tuljak is located on a slope near Pirita Road, and when viewed from below, only two horizontal stripes are visible. This highlights even more the illuminated script „Tuljak” shining above the roof cornice. 


The building was completed in 1965, based on the design by the architect Valve Pormeister, and it complemented the Flower Pavilion (1960) created by the same author. Magnificent dark stained cornice reflects the trends of the day in Finnish architecture and was strikingly innovative here upon completion of the building. Glass walls provided imaginary connection of the building with the surrounding nature and sea. Compared to architecture, the meandering neon tube forming the script seemed old-fashioned, as if from the previous decade. 


In 1990s the cafe was privatized by a well-known businessman, who renamed it – CARINA. Also the modernistic furniture (Väino Tamm, Vello Asi) was replaced. In 2002 the building was abandoned and started to crumble. By now, the perfectly restored cafe is open again, and the „new old” advertising sign of Tuljak, recreated based on the photos, is shining on the roof. However, it seems that back then its letters had a bit more elegance.