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Town Hall Pharmacy

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    Communicative Urban Space
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Town Hall Pharmacy

The pharmacy Apotheka Magistratus located at the Town Hall Square is one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe operating constantly at the same place. It was first mentioned in 1422; from 1583 it belonged to the Burchardt family, who operated it for almost 300 years. Throughout the time, the building has been complemented and reconstructed, its current size dates back to the middle of the 18th century. Last major renovation took place in 1966 (architect Teddy Böckler). The suspended sign with snake and cup on the facade and the wrought script „Raeapteek” on the wall of the building originate from the same time. The suspended sign has Baroque design, while metal letters represent the style of 1960s, which was actual revival of Gothic tradition. Several wrought gates, vanes and other similar small forms of the Old Town date back to that decade. A special favourite of the time was the vane Old Thomas at the top of the Town Hall, which was depicted on souvenirs, lamps and even featured in a movie.

Inside the pharmacy a visitor can see relief coat of arms of the Burchardt family on the wall of the antechamber (1635), and painted beam ceilings in the interior.