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Supergraphics of Kangur store

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    Communicative Urban Space
  • Lastekodu 11a

Supergraphics of Kangur store

Supergraphics on the end wall of the building in Lastekodu Street facing the Central Market is one of the rare preserved examples of the Soviet heritage. Today, these are called murals, and usually commissioned by the owner of the building. In 1980s the chief designer of the city supervised commissioning and completion of such murals, and their designs were certified by the art council before commencing work.

From one side it was a piece intended to enliven the grey Soviet urban environment, and from the other side an early work of advertising. Sometimes geometric compositions were related to the architecture of the building, however this was not the case with the end wall of the building of Lastekodu Street. The advertisement of Kangur store, completed approximately in 1988, has postmodernist form language and plays with glamorous profile view of a woman, which is supplemented by geometric figures sown on the surface of the image and the logo of the store. Pastel sea-green colours initially planned by the designer Reet Miitel have now faded, but still give a hint of the appearance of Soviet chic.