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Roosikrantsi 23

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    Communicative Urban Space
  • Roosikrantsi 23

Roosikrantsi 23

The building with the shape of a ship prow at the crossing of Pärnu Road and Roosikrantsi Street was designed by architect Robert Natus and it was completed in 1936. Its model was Chile-Haus in Hamburg (Fritz Höger, 1923). Although clinker bricks were not manufactured in Estonia, the building with offset corner solution in art deco style was so irresistible that it was decided to import bricks as well as form design methods from Germany.

Clinker bricks allowed to lay geometric patterns on the facade, which was then considered implementation of national ornament. Bricks were also used for forming the lion watching at the entrance on the corner, who is holding a shield with the datum 1935.

Another similar building created by the same architect is located at the other end of Roosikrantsi Street, at Vabaduse Square. It was completed in 1932 and its facade features female figures holding the lanterns, modelled from clinker bricks (sculptor Jaan Koort).