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Poster column of Drama Theatre

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    Communicative Urban Space
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Poster column of Drama Theatre

For decades, a characteristic feature of the posters of Estonian Drama Theatre has been simple-minded parading photo compositions, where the figures of one or several star actors have been used. From 2021, visual image of the theatre has improved.
Designer Margus Tamm has created a dim, hazy, and also somewhat mysterious and cosy atmosphere on the theatre posters, combining text with image. The stretched-compressed font intrigues to read the headings, while monochrome star photos full of character create compositional tension, joining the text from the distance. Glowing red-black colours invite to the darkening theatre hall.
The building itself was completed in 1910, and its architects were Nikolai Vassilyev and Aleksei Bubyr from St Petersburg. The gable space of the building, which was initially designed for Tallinn German Theatre, bears the coat of arms with three lions, modelled by sculptor August Volz. Three lions were the symbol of the City of Tallinn as well as the Estonian Knighthood. In 1925, the lions were also chosen for the coat of arms of independent Estonian Republic, and therefore the forbidden symbol was covered with plaster during the Communist period.